NOW AVAILABLE... the ©️Amazing Assistant M.A.P. Manual!

©️ Amazing Assistant M.A.P. - Manual Only Now Available!


Due to popular demand, we have made the ©️Amazing Assistant M.A.P. available as a stand-alone product so that every company -  can invest in their continued success by investing in the success of their strategic business partners - their Assistants!

The ©️Amazing Assistant M.A.P. contains everything that an Assistant needs to become more organized, efficient and productive.

From the Fundamentals to Calendaring and Scheduling to Travel and much more! This manual when completed will be the perfectly customized map to supporting each Executive, specific to their and their company's needs! 

This manual, once customized should be approximately 80 - 100 pages, depending on each company's needs and is constantly updated with new forms, so your Assistant will have lifetime access to new forms as they are released!

When your Assistant goes on holiday? Their temporary help can still support you because they have everything they need to do so effectively.

You invest in training for every aspect of your company - isn't it time to give your Assistant what they need to support you better?

Imagine what you could do!

Your source for continued success,


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