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How to Explain Short-term Employment on Your Resume

resume help Jul 04, 2018

Have you been doing contract work and are now looking to transition into a permanent, full-time position?

Are you sending out a ton of resumes to jobs that you really are qualified for but aren’t receiving any responses?

The way you are listing your experience on your resume may be the reason.

There are a lot of job applicants that have been in contract positions — positions that tend to be less than 12 months, and that’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, it can make a candidate more desirable as they will have a broad range of experience and talents that they can now draw on for each new assignment or position.

Where candidates tend to go wrong though, is listing that experience without putting the word “Contract position” behind the title.

That simple omission can change how a recruiter sees that short-term experience. Instead of being a well-rounded employee with a wide variety of skills, the candidate instead can appear as though they are job hopping or not reliable — and now may seem like a potentially unstable hire for their client.

By listing that very valuable and relevant experience with the words “Contract position” after it, that can eliminate that uncertainty on your resume and now showcase you in a much better way.

So go ahead and take those contract positions. Get that wide-ranging experience that will open more doors for you… just remember to identify it correctly on your resume to make it an asset, not a liability!

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